Ryzen 9 3950X Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal [November 2021]

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AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Black Friday deals 2021 is an excellent opportunity for all PC gamers, content creators to get a powerful high-performance processor with a decent discount. When it comes to productivity, nothing matters what price points you’re talking about. In 2021, AMD does dominate across the board, and AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is no exception. If you haven’t heard about this CPU, then my friend, you probably were living under the stone. Don’t miss the following deals:

Ryzen 9 3950X Black Friday Deal

Ryzen 9 3950X Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal [November 2021]

Below you will find a detailed review of Ryzen 3950X along with its specifications and features. Don’t miss the November sale on one of the most powerful processors in the world.

Ryzen 9 3950X Black Friday SaleAMD RYZEN 9 3950x Performance and Features

The Ryzen 9 3950x is mainly a desktop processor with 16 real multi-threaded processing cores and equipped with a high boost clock than any of its predecessors. It’s an improved version of its cousin, the AMD 9 3900X, which only had two cores per die and ran pretty toasty—overthrowing the AMD 9 3900X in terms of performance, stability and power consumption.

With 16 instead of 12 cores and one of the highest boost clocks out of the Ryzen family. This equals to the Thread ripper 2950X, but it also operates at much higher clock speeds, making it stand out from the crowd.

Flexible Price

Not only it offers tons of cores and threads, but most importantly, it hits the final nail in the coffin for Intel’s high-end crazy pricing that’s because it’s available only under $750 while providing 32 threads on the X570 platform

I know you will think it’s a bit pricy at $700, and it might cost more than the Intel Core i9 9900k, but it is 40% faster and core heavy workloads. So again, a fantastic deal price for a 16 core 32 thread processor.

All in One Option

You will be quite pleased to know that AMD is not only targeting this CPU specifically for gamers whatsoever. It’s also meant for content creators or professionals who would love to accelerate their workflow without investing vast sums of money into platforms like X299 or X399.

Top-Notch Cooling System

Under synthetic load, you will be nearly 10 degrees cooler than the 3900x.

Although it does dip slightly below base clocks under these extreme conditions, so does 3900x and i9 9900k. The 3950x also manages to draw 4 watts less than Ryzen 3900.

You might be wondering how this CPU can archive this? Well, it is made possible through prudent power management. It runs at a V core of less than 1 volt under load under prime95, which if you don’t know is one of the popular freeware applications for stability testing.

Moreover, while AMD recommends that you buy a top-notch cooler for this CPU, but unless if you’re overclocking, it won’t make much difference as this thing is more comfortable to cool than a Ryzen 7!

AMD Ryzen 9 3950x vs i9 9900k

We can say that this is the closest CPU that AMD has come yet to decisively dethroning Intel in gaming. In terms of gaming experience, Ryzen 9 3950X lacks few FPS to meet the benchmark standards. But with its excellent price to performance ratio, PCI Express 4.0 and attractive cooling system can easily overthrow Intel’s 9900k processing giant. So, in short, you are getting better performance at a more affordable price, and that, for me, is a win-win.


The 3950x is on top in virtually every test you throw at it thanks to its high core count and high core clocks. When compared to Intel’s HEDT platform, it can show significant results. Starting with Cinebench, right away, the 3950x is faster than all other units. Similarly, the single-core benchmark shows that AMD has made huge improvements with their lightly threaded performance. That’s great news since most professional apps and games don’t really stress CPU cores all the time.


Suppose you want to take a break from a strict routine and enjoy some games. Well, here the 3950x truly shines. As advertised, it is consistently as fast as or faster than any of AMD’s lower core count chips, which means that we are looking at a processor that somehow combines the best of high frequency and power usage. This makes it one of the best CPU for gaming.

Here are some games tested at 1440p ultra settings. In all of these games, the results are pretty close together. But you can see that the 3950X is pretty competitive. Also, the 3900X is a better, less expensive option if you build a gaming focus system as it is only a bit different compared with 3900X.

Battlefield 5

Starting with Battlefield 5, as you would’ve expected, with higher clock speeds and slightly better single-threaded performance, Ryzen 3950X does perform better than the 9900x but not quite as good as i10 1100k, either due to stock or overclocked.


Now PUBG is interesting as the gap between Rizen chips and the Intel chips pretty much stays the same. With the 3950X having a couple more FPS lead over the 3900X as it seems like PUBG is a little bit more clock speed heavy than based on the number of cores.


With that said, Fortnite can be a win for 3950X as the difference between the Ryzen chips here is about 11-12 FPS, which is quite impressive, and the 10k ones seem pretty unmatched in this case.


Ryzen 9 3950X can be a heck of a powerhouse in the series for the best processor for a gaming laptop and front-end desktops. But it does come with only a few trade-offs. First of all, you lose 40 CPU PCI Express lanes, bringing 24 with 4 of those being used to communicate with the chipset. So, if you need a ton of PCI Express expansion, the thread ripper might still hold some appeal for you.

Secondly, you lose quad-channel memory and the extra memory capacity that thread ripper offers. Although, the 390x can still handle up to a hundred and twenty-eight gigs of RAM, so most people will probably be fine especially given that the supported memory speed is far higher. Compared to the 3900X, it has eight more threads and a higher max boost clock, but the base frequency is also quite a bit lower, TDP Is also the same.


So, all in all, the 3950x is a faster CPU compared to first- and second-generation thread ripper, and as a gamer or even a prosumer, you are giving up very little of value unless you’re into multi-way GPU setups. If you’ve always liked high-end desktop CPUs for their huge core counts but hated their ridiculous prices and expensive motherboards, you finally have the processor that won’t let you down! So, be sure to buy your AMD Ryzen 9 3950X in Black Friday deals 2021.

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