Petcube Pet Monitoring Camera Features, Pros and Cons

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If you don’t know which is the best camera for watching a cat or dog when you are away? I recommend you buy Petcube Camera with Wi-Fi and the good news is it is available on Black Friday deal 2021.

A puppy or a cat at home is like an additional kid at your home and you have to keep a close eye at him because he is more mischievous as compared to other little ones. It is no doubt that our cute little pet is the apple of your eye and you want it to always remain in front of your eyes and the best way to do so is to buy a pet camera.

This camera for a pet has some amazing jaw-dropping features which make it a strong competitor of Furbo dog camera which also available at a discounted price on Amazon.

Petcube Dog Camera Black Friday Sale on Amazon


Before discussing the Petcube WiFi camera specifications in detail here we are listing down some of the top features of this best pet camera 2021 deals on amazon.

Wireless Communication Technology: 2 GHz / 5GHz WiFi, Bluetooth
Video Capture Resolution: 1080p with 4x zoom and 180° ultra-wide angle
Power Source: Corded electric
Alert Type: Audio And Motion
Mounting Type: Tabletop / Wall mounting
Treats: Wide range of short & long treats 
Additional Features: Built-in Alexa assistant, 1-year warranty, Night vision, and much more

Pet Monitoring Camera Black Friday Deal

Petcube Pet Monitoring Camera Features, Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss the features of Petcube camera in detail, we will try to cover every single aspect of this device so that the decision making becomes easier for you.

1080p HD Video Camera

A pet camera is useless if it doesn’t have a good camera. The Petcube has an excellent camera with a clear vision that stream videos at 1080p resolution. Its decent quality night vision mode enables you to monitor your furry friend in the middle of the night. Moreover, this compact device has a 180-degree wide-angle lens with 4x zoom which covers every single corner of the room and makes it difficult for the pet to play hide and seek with you.

High-Quality 2-Way Audio

Next worth mentioning feature of this best pet monitoring camera is its two-way communication system. You can talk to your little friend if you are missing him or send instructions if he is doing some naughty stuff. The quality of the sound is very clear you both can hear each other clearly. The addition of a 4-microphone array and a speaker bar in the system lets you experience real-life communication even if you are not present there.

WiFi and Alexa Connectivity

Connectivity is another important aspect of a pet camera. This device can easily be connected to a variety of gadgets via WiFi. Petcube wireless pet camera support smartphones having iOS 9.3 or higher and Android 5.1 or higher. The connectivity of the device doesn’t require any technical knowledge and it is easy as pie. It is mandatory that your WiFi connection must have a 2.4GHz port with a minimum download and upload speed of 2MB. You may experience some lags if you run it on a 1MB connection.

Built-In Laser Toy

This is one of the most exciting features of the best pet camera for home. Petcube is equipped with a built-in laser toy which makes it easier for you to interact with your dog or cat. This feature makes entertaining your pet very easy. Just a swipe of a finger from your gadget will move the laser and the little one will try to catch that. It is a fun activity and it really works when you are stressed out and want to cheer up your mood.

Automatic Treat Dispensing

Automatic treat dispensing is the most innovative feature of this pet camera. It makes it convenient for you to give short, medium, or long distance treats to your pet when you are away. You can serve your cat or dog with a dry and crunchy treat. The scheduling of treats makes this feature more impressive and is good for your little family member as well.

Why You Should Buy Petcube Pet Camera?

  • Very easy to set up and install. A matter of a few minutes and you will start monitoring your pet on your smartphone.
  • A 1080p HD camera provides the coverage of an entire room and lets you monitor what your pet is doing from anywhere and at any time.
  • The two-way audio system allows you to communicate with your pet and call him to come in front of the camera when you are missing him.
  • You can have a fun time with your cat or dog even if you are away from him. Just enable the built-in laser toy and start playing with your furry friend.
  • You will be able to watch recorded videos of your pet if you subscribe to the cloud video recording service of Petcube.

Which Is The Best Alternative of Petcube Dog Camera?

If you search for the best pet camera on amazon you will find a variety of devices but the one that stands against the Petcube pet camera is the Furbo dog camera. It was the best selling dog monitoring camera of 2019 and has a lot of amazing features which makes it the number 1 competitor of the discussed device.

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