Furbo Dog Camera Black Friday/Monday Deal 2021

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If you always want your cute puppy to be in front of your eyes then you should quickly grab Furbo dog camera Black Friday deal 2021. Furbo is one of the best pet cameras that you can have to keep an extra eye on him and to monitor all his activities while you are away from home. Here we are going to share with you a detailed review of the device, its pros, and cons, and a link to Black Friday 2021 deal on Amazon. Furthermore, you can also check out our list of the top 10 best per camera of 2021 by clicking the button given below.

Check Furbo Dog Camera Black Friday Deal

Furbo Dog Camera Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal 2021

Furbo Dog Camera is a great solution for all those people who own a big dog or a cute little puppy. It not only allows them to keep a close on them but can also be used for playing and communicating with them. Before discussing it in detail, here we are listing down some of the best features of the Furbo dog camera:

HD Wifi Pet Camera Black Friday Deal


  • Super HD camera powered with night vision and 160 º wide-angle view.
  • You can easily talk and listen to your pet.
  • Treat dispenser that can easily accommodate 100 treats.
  • Extremely powerful motion detecting system.
  • Real-time notification alerts in case of any abnormal activity.
  • Watch video highlights of 60 seconds that trigger your dog to bark.
  • One of the top-rated and best-selling pet camera on Amazon.

Furbo Dog Camera Review

Furbo Dog Camera Discount PriceFurbo Dog Camera is a very cool device that allows you to interact with your pet remotely from anywhere at any time. It will give your pooch a feeling that you are always around him. You can perform many things like monitor, communicate, get notifications, and much more after installing the spy camera in your pet’s room. Let’s discuss some of the unique features of this little beast in detail.

HD Camera

Furbo Pet camera is equipped with a powerful 1080p HD camera and because of the night vision, it produces excellent video quality both day and night. Additionally, the 160 º wide-angle view covers every corner of the room and lets you monitor every single activity of your cute little doggy on your computer screen or smartphone.

Two Way Communication

Another noticeable feature of the Furbo pet monitor is that it allows you to talk to your dog and you can hear him through the device. Now, you can easily tell your puppy that you are missing him so much. The barking sensor installed in the device is automatically activated and sends you a notification when your dog is barking. So if your dog notices anything abnormal and he starts barking you will be immediately notified.

Treat Dispenser

If you want to entertain your dog when you are not around, take advantage of the Furbo treat tossing feature. It will definitely appeal to your pooch a lot. There are many ways of using this feature; you can schedule the time on which the dispense treat will be automatically played or you can use the smartphone app for doing it remotely. You can fill the dispenser with 100 treats at a time. It is simply the best dog camera to treat dispenser.

Instant Alerts System

Furbo has an incredibly smart real-time alerts system that instantly notifies you when:

  • A dog is jumping on the couch or chewing cords
  • Any person is nearby
  • Dog facing the camera

In the case of the above-listed activities, you will be immediately notified on your smartphone and you can take necessary actions.

Doggie Diary System

This super-smart pet camera also keeps a log of anything that spooks your dog and as a result of which he starts barking. It is an excellent feature to know if there’s anything that is bothering your dog when you are not at home. You can also check out the video highlights of 60 seconds which will show why your dog started barking.

How to Install Furbo Dog Camera

The installation of the Furbo dog camera is extremely easy and can be done in 3 simple steps:

  • Take the device out of the box plug-in it into the power socket to turn it ON.
  • Connect it to WiFi to gain wireless access.
  • Install the Furbo pet camera application to access all the features of the device.

If you still face any trouble in installing this best dog camera. Watch the video shared below:

Is Furbo Dog Camera Worth the Price?

To answer this question I can simply write YES! But I want to explain this thing with the help of a table, check out the table below:

Camera 1080p full HD camera
Night Vision YES
Motion Sensor YES
Notifications Alert YES
Treat Tossing YES
Audio System Two way
Bark Alert YES
WiFi Connectivity YES
iOS/Android App YES

With so many YES, how one can refuse to buy this amazing spy camera but the ultimate decision is yours. We highly recommend you grab this item on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get approx. 30% off.

Furbo vs Petcube

In our opinion both devices are good but we recommend Furbo because of its incredible features and price.

Where to Buy Furbo Dog Camera

If you want to buy a Furbo Pet monitoring camera on Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, click on the button below to check out the discounted price on Amazon.

Final Words

To put a nut in a shell, If you love your pet and feel very protective for him/her then you should not miss the Furbo dog Camera Black Friday Sale. You will find a lot of monitoring cameras in the market that offers tons of amazing features but no one matches Furbo in terms of features and price. It enables you to stay in touch with your favorite pet every time and you can watch his activities on your smartphone. It is a durable, reliable, and highly affordable pet camera that you can have.

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