FTS 18 APK Review & Game Features + APK Download URL

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First Touch Soccer 2018 famously known as FTS 18 is the latest installment of the soccer game series released by First Touch Games. Previously the franchise released successful titles like FTS 15, 16 and 17 and also faced lot of criticism. But the company left the critics behind and keep on doing the good work. Here we are going to share complete FTS 18 APK review, briefly describe game features and in the end will provide a download link from where you can download the APK file of this wonderful soccer game.

FTS 18 APK Review & Game Features + APK Download URL

FTS 18 APK Review

Since the release of first edition of First Touch Soccer, its fans are increasing at a rapid pace. If you compare FTS 18 with the previous versions of the game, you will notice many good changes like improvements in graphics, grounds, players, kits and background music as well. The developers have given a glimpse of realistic view in the latest version of FTS. If you have already played the older editions of the game you will be able to identify the changes very quickly.

Developers have totally revamped the game in the latest FTS version. Focusing on the real gameplay, this version is designed keeping in view what people enjoy on bigger gaming platforms like PS4 and XBox. No doubt, when you install the FTS 18 APK file on your Android device and start playing it, you will definitely feel yourself in a real football field. Furthermore, you will be able to choose the mode of your team before match, it can be attacking, moderate or defensive. You can improve players skills like control on ball, dodging, attacking etc. by spending some coins that you will get on winning a match.

Apart from center forward, center midfield and center back, the designers of the game have paid special attention on the defensive position which was neglected in the previous editions of the series. Now, it won’t be easy for you to kick the ball into the goalpost, you need to tackle the goalkeeper and other players to earn a goal.

Game controls are much more smoother and better than prior. Controlling players is similar to the one in previous version but controlling goalkeeper for defense is a bit tricky and user will take time to gain mastery on it. But don’t worry, the more you play the more quickly you will learn it.

In FTS18 the crowd and supporters are more lively and active. You will hear a lot of enchanting when you will kick the ball. Crowd enchanting goes loud when you hit the ball into the goal post or if you make a near miss. You will enjoy every single moment of the game starting from kickoff to the last minute of the match, there is lot of thrill and excitement.

If we talk about FTS game modes, there are four different modes that you can enjoy, these are enlisted below:

  • Quick Match
  • Tournament Mode
  • Star Player Match
  • Daily Challenge Mode
  • Training

Other improvements in FTS 18 include new players transfer options, there are few major changes in tournament and manager mode. There are even more better options when it comes to customization of teams, football clubs and players, below are the things that you can customize:

  • Edit Team Name
  • Edit Players
  • Edit Number Colours
  • Import Logo
  • Import FTS Kits 2017-18 – Home & Away of both players and goalkeepers

There are lot more surprising things that you will notice when you will start playing the game.

FTS 18 APK Features

Here are some key features of FTS 18 that different it from the older editions of the game:

  • You can now buy players at much lower prices.
  • Game’s manager mode is improved and now being a manager you will be having lot of stuff to do.
  • Significant improvement in gameplay and developers have tried to give it a realistic gaming experience.
  • Till now we haven’t noticed any glitch in the game, it is very smooth and graphical improvement is amazing.
  • Import latest teams kits very easily.
  • Daily challenge mode is more competitive in comparison to past versions of FTS.

Free Download FTS 18 APK File

Click the download button given below to download First Touch Soccer 18 APK file for free:


Download FTS 18 Mod APK

Here is a bonus file of FTS 18 MOD that unlocked many hidden features that are not available in normal installation file. It include:

  • Unlimited coins that allows you to improve players skills.
  • You will be able to play with many secret players.
  • All football clubs and team 99%
  • Full 2018 kits


Hope you will like this detailed FTS 18 APK review. Download the file right now and start enjoy one of the finest football games available for Android devices.

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