Dash Cam Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale [November 2021]

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For all the car owners we are sharing the best dash cam Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2021. Top brands like Rexing and Vanture are offering huge discounts on their car dashboard cameras.

One of the must-have car gears is the dashboard camera and there is a slight increase in its usage in the past few years. Back in time, this gadget was found in Police cars only but nowadays it is important for everyone who owns a car. If you are planning to get one in the future then you can take full benefit of best dash cam Black Friday deals and offers. Buying dashcam at this point in time will allow you to earn a BIG discount. Below you will find some cool and the best Black Friday 2021 deals on Amazon on top brands in this niche.

Check Dash Cam Black Friday Deal

Dash Cam Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale [November 2021]

A dashboard camera can be useful in many ways like, it helps you deal with the insurance claim, finding who was at fault in case of a car collision, capturing funny car moments, and crimes that you can report to law enforcement agencies. In short, a vehicle camera is a very useful car-related gadget with a lot of amazing benefits. But choosing the best dashboard camera in 2021 for your car is not as easy as you think. Below we are listing some of the key points that will help you in choosing the right dashcam:

  • Video Resolution
  • Storage Capacity
  • Night Vision
  • Automatic On/Off
  • Camera Size
  • Loop Recording
  • Impact Sensor
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1. Vantrue N2 Pro – Best with Night Vision

Vantrue N2 Pro - Best Dash Cam with Night Vision Black Friday Sale

The device is equipped with a powerful front and inside the camera that offers resolution up to 1080p. Incredible camera technology of Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam allows you to capture the road at 170° and inside car 140°. The built-in Sony IMX323 sensor and 310° infrared night vision technology capture excellent videos in low light conditions or when the car is in dark mode. It is also equipped with an F1.8 6-glass lens front-facing cam that empowers the device to automatically balance the light of the video. It also has an extremely sensitive motion sensor that automatically activates the video recording feature when someone passes by or ignition sparks up. Vanture N2 vehicle camera also has a Loop Recording feature that automatically overwrites the old footages upon filling of storage capacity (Supports up to 256GB storage). The G-Sensor technology prevents the cam from overwriting the event files that contain any shocking or collision activity. It is the best dash cam with motion detection for the car and you can buy it at a BIG discount on Black Friday 2021.

2. Rexing V1 – Best Under 100

Rexing V1 - Best Under 100 Black Friday Sale

This dashcam is powered with a Sony STARVIS image sensor that has an ability to capture 1080p full HD video at 30fps. The 170-degree ultra-wide lens and WDR technology give you a sweeping view of the road in any lighting condition. The supercapacitor installed in the Rexing V1 dash camera empowers it to withstand against extreme temperature and this feature makes it more durable, sturdy, and reliable. Parking Monitor enables the vehicle cam to automatically start recording in case the device detects any vibration. For activation of this mode, you need to connect the smart hardwire kit. The loop recording system allows it to automatically overwrite old recording when storage capacity reaches its limit. The built-in G-Sensor technology enables the dashboard camera to lock the videos where it detects shock, collision or strong vibration. These videos are not overwritten. With WiFi connectivity feature you can share dash cam recordings wirelessly to your smartphone. It is the best dash cam with parking mode, check this amazing vehicle camera Black Friday deal below.

3. WheelWitness HD PRO Mark II – Best with Super Wide Lens

WheelWitness HD PRO Mark II - Best with Super Wide Lens Black Friday Sale

The super HD camera records everything in crystal clear 2304x1296P resolution, you won’t miss minor details. Wide Dynamic Range technology balances the exposure very well and provides excellent results in low light situations. The feature that differentiates this vehicle cam from others is the built-in GPS technology. It uses Google Maps for keeping track of your route. WheelWitness dash cam has a 170-degree wide-angle lens that captures everything in front of your car. It is very easy to install and can be done in three easy steps: Insert the memory card, fix the camera, and plug the cam into the cigarette lighter port to begin recording. The loop recording system enables the came to automatically replace old recording in case the microSD storage gets full. Get this best dash cam for truckers and vehicles on Black Friday sale to grab big discounts.

4. Chortau – Best Dual Camera with Motion Detection

Chortau - Best Dual Camera with Motion Detection Black Friday Sale

The front camera of the device captures every moment in 1440P at 30FPS. 1080p dual lens empowers the camera to monitor the road ahead and behind in super HD quality. 150° wide-angle lens monitor everything that comes ahead of your car, so you won’t miss anything that comes in your way. APEMAN dash camera automatically overwrites the old recording with the new one except for the videos that are mark locked. G-Sensor empowers the vehicle cam to automatically detect sudden shake or collision and record the event. The device automatically locks these recordings and doesn’t overwrite it in case the memory is full. The dashboard camera is equipped with a 2.7-inch screen that gives you a real-time playback. The device screen remains off while it is in recording mode. It not only saves energy but also prevents distraction.  If you are looking for the best dash cam long recording time, this is a perfect device for you.

5. Nexar Beam Dash Cam with Unlimited Cloud Storage

Nexar Beam Dash Cam with Unlimited Cloud Storage Black Friday Sale

The device has a 1080p, 170° wide-angle dual camera lens that can record videos in super quality for both and front. The powerful NOVATEK chip provides excellent image quality and processes images at a very fast pace for both ahead and behind. The front and rear Crosstour CR900 dash cam has an F1.8 aperture that provides clear footages in low light conditions. The oldest recordings on the device are automatically overwritten when the SD card storage is full but don’t worry the G-Sensor technology won’t overwrite the clips that contain sudden shock, strong vibration or collision. You can also lock memorable and awesome moments manually. A GPS antenna can also be attached to the device to track, speed, longitude, and latitude. It is simply the best dash camera to buy for cars that you can have on Black Friday sale 2021.

6. Rove R2 – Best with 4K Video Recording

Rove R2 - Best with 4K Video Recording Black Friday Sale

The superpower Rove R2 dash cam provides 4K ultra HD video recording and don’t miss the minor details. It has an NT96660 + OV4689 low light sensor that captures clear footages in low light situations. The 150° A+ wide-angle lens captures everything that comes in the surroundings of your car. Rove R2 vehicle camera has a built-in GPS that accurately monitors the location and speed of the car. With loop cycle recording the device automatically removed the old recordings and replace them with new clips. G-Sensor automatically locks the videos that contain sudden shock or collision. Other top features include; parking mode, motion detector, time-lapse video, and slow-mo video. Get this best dash cam with motion sensor on Black Friday discount.

7. Vantrue N4 – Best with IR Night Vision

Vantrue N4 - Best with IR Night Vision Black Friday Sale

The dashboard camera features NT96663 CPU that empowers the device to capture videos in 1080p resolution at 60FPS. The Sony IMX291 sensor and f/2.0 aperture record excellent videos in the low light environment. It has a 155° wide-angle lens that covers up to 5 lanes on the road and the best part is you can swivel the camera manually to record special moments inside the car. Built-in GPS technology efficiently tracks the location, speed of the car and coordinates when you start your journey. It is good to keep traveling logs. You can connect the cam with the WiFi and application to easily manage the footage and recordings directly from your phone. VAVA dashboard camera automatically captures and keep a record of unexpected events like shocks and collision. A good feature for insurance and legal claims. This device is powered with another interesting feature called Parking Mode, it continuously monitors vehicle surroundings while the car is parked. It is one of the best dashboard cameras with GPS features.

8. Garmin Dash Cam with Front and Rear Dual Lens

Garmin Dash Cam  with Front and Rear Dual Lens Black Friday Sale

It has an incredibly powerful processor that records videos at 30FPS in 1080p resolution HD quality.  Get the excellent video quality in low light conditions with the f/1.8 large aperture and WDR technology installed in the cam. 170-degree wide-angle lens easily captures 3 lanes without any problem what so ever. APEMAN mini dash cam also has Parking Monitor technology that automatically starts recording in case of any vibration or shock even if the engine is OFF. Enjoy the seamless video recording without being worried about the shortage of storage capacity because of the loop system automatically overwrite old video recordings automatically. The motion detection technology empowers the device to begin recording automatically in case of any shocking event or collision. It is extremely easy to install the camera in the car. It is simply the best dash cam for the money. Highly affordable and reliable vehicle camera.


A dashboard camera is a necessity if you own a car. If you are planning to buy one you shouldn’t miss the Black Friday best dash cam deals 2021. The list we have curated include top rate, durable, reliable, and highly affordable vehicle cameras. Which one is your favorite? Please tell us in the comments section.

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