Bose SoundLink Color II Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal [Nov. 2021]

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Compact size, amazing sound, and many other impressive features Bose SoundLink Color II is the best Bluetooth speaker you can have on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale 2021. You can use this smart speaker at home, gym, travelling, camping, etc.. Equipped with stunning features this portable Bluetooth speaker has become a best-seller on Amazon. It is a very well balanced device from design to sound quality everything is up to the mark.

Bose SoundLink Color II Black Friday Deal

Bose SoundLink Color II Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal [Nov. 2021]

  • The build quality of the speaker tough and solid.
  • Sleek and compact designs make it highly portable.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with multiple devices. Pairing with phones and laptop is super easy.
  • Stunning sound quality with decent bass.
  • Two different sound mode: party mode or stereo mode
  • Battery timing is longer than other competitive devices (Approx.. 10 hours of continuous music playing).
  • Built-in mic having a range of approximately 30 feet for conference calls.

Bose SoundLink Color II Portable Wireless Speaker Black Friday Sale

Bose SoundLink Color II Performance

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker is an excellent device. It provides a playing time of approx.. 10 hours and for those who are looking for a speaker that can handle water splashes and provide great sound quality, this is their best bet. The person who is going to buy it will get a good value for the money. Below we are going to discuss different features of this product in detail, so without further ado let’s dive into the main specs of this Bluetooth beast.

Sound Quality

If we have to rate Bose Bluetooth speaker out of 10, we will rate it 7.5, rating it closer to the top devices available in the market. The sound produced by the speaker is very loud and clear but the bass is not as good compared to SoundLink Revolve+ and Revolve, and this can be a deal-breaker for a few people. This thing will go unnoticed if you play the sound on low to medium volume. But overall the sound quality is impressive and will easily impress a lot of Bose fanboys.

Highly Portable

Another worth mentioning thing of this best Bluetooth speaker with microphone is its portability. The device has a compact design and weighs around 20 ounces, light enough to be carried to gym studio, office, school, and pool as well. Don’t worry, its water-resistance keep it safer from the water splashes. You can buy this cool wireless speaker on Black Friday 2021 and give it a gift to your loved ones on Thanksgiving or Holidays.


If you are searching for a speaker to play sound at high volume, I am sorry to say this isn’t a good choice for you because when you play the music at a high volume on this device it sounds a bit shrill. It provides a good sound quality up to 10, but it doesn’t mean the quality is pathetic when the volume is raised above 10. Set on volume 10, you can easily listen to everything clearly if you are using it in a meeting room or in a small to a medium-sized apartment.

Good Battery Life

The device has a spectacular batter life. Bose Soundlink Wireless Bluetooth speakers are powered with a Lithium-ion battery which lasts for approx.. 10 hours (higher then the claimed life by the company) if you run the device on moderate settings. The speakers have an intelligent auto shut off feature that turns-off the device automatically when the battery reaches below 50% capacity and is not in use.

These speakers are incredibly comfortable and make a big impression on anyone who has them in their home or office. They have a bass boost, which can make your party or gather very exciting and enjoyable. Very loud and deep, but also very immersive, as well.

he SoundLink Revolution Bluetooth speaker offers true 360 degrees sound for true, consistent coverage. Set it in your living room for people to feel like they’re in the middle of the action. Or place it next to a wall to give everyone the ultimate sound experience.

This speaker is powered by Bose wireless technology, which means no cords. No plugs to deal with either. For the best sound, I highly recommend you try out a Bose wireless system. They offer plenty of great options for all kinds of parties and events, as well as a great selection of styles to suit any decor in your home or office.

The Bose SoundLink Revolution Bluetooth speaker offers everything you need in one package, and it’s also a great value. If you’re considering a wireless speaker, this is probably the best one you can buy for the money.

Final Words

If you’re interested in learning more about Bose wireless Bluetooth speakers Black Friday deals on Amazon 2021, I would highly recommend going to the website and checking out the many features they offer there. If you’re looking for a great speaker that provides a lot of different options, then this is probably the one for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one and use it for the rest of your life, as long as you like it. Get yourself one of these Bluetooth speakers for yourself and make your next event or party an unforgettable one!

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