Beats Studio Buds Black Friday Deal [November 2021]

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If Beats is in your shopping list for November 2021, we suggest you don’t miss the Beat Studio buds Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. It offers a solid battery life and a good sound.

You can expect a great deal of excitement on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in music aficionados as premium brands are also offering huge discounts on earbuds and headphones.

Beats, now owned by Apple, is not behind in offering amazing discounts.

Beats’ recently launched  Beats Studio Buds and headphones are giving a tough competition to the earbuds with improved audio quality, comfortable fit, and easy to pair in both Apple and Android phones.

What could be better than this to get these exceptional pairs of earbuds in a deal!

Check Beats Studio Buds Black Friday Deal

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Beats Studio Buds Black Friday Deal

Spending on earbuds is still an investment even though it’s at a discount, and you deserve to know all the features and performance of the earbuds. Read our review to make yourself aware of the nuances, pros, and cons of Bleats Studio Buds.

Design of Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds Black Friday Deal [November 2021]The Beats Studio buds, 2nd pair of earbuds, follow the sports-oriented Power Beats Pro for fitness enthusiasts. The latest pair of Apple-owned Beats has a slim and ear hooks-free design that we see in Powerbeats pro. The Beats Studio Buds have a sleek design in comparison to its predecessor.

The outward-facing side of the Beats Studio Buds has a pressing button on which we see the logo. The buttons on both buds have the same functionality. Press once to play or pause, twice to skip the song, the long-press would switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode.

The button doesn’t require you to press hard and feel the bud cutting in your ear; gentle pressing is enough to perform all functions.

The slipper and shiny case of the Beats Studio buds easily fit in your pocket.

Available color choices are: black, white, and red.

Fit And Feel

With their featherlight-weight (5.1 grams), they are more comfortable in the ear than Airpods pro or even powerboats pro. The earbuds case includes three sizes of Silicone buds to provide the most secure fit. You won’t notice any ear fatigue even when the earbuds are in your ears for hours, nor would they fall down due to the secure fit.

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency

The inclusion of the Active noise cancellation feature is a temptation for those who want to cut out from the surrounding noises. The Noise Cancellation feature is similar to Airpods Pro but lacks in performance even after a tight seal. It does reduce car rumbles or too high- sounds but can’t muffle high-pitched sounds.

When transparency mode is on, you can hear back all the surrounding sounds, but the lackluster performance of Active Noise Cancellation makes it a bit hard to spot whether ANC is on or not.

Battery Life

  • Battery life with active noise cancellation: 5 hours.
  • Battery life without noise cancellation: 8 hours.
  • Battery life with charging case: 24 hours.

Audio & Call Quality

The audio has a quite balanced bass compared to previous chunky headphones, and the bass sound doesn’t have an overpowering impact. The instruments in music are distinguishable with rich and clear vocals, providing an immersive experience.

The call quality is also great, especially when you are taking calls indoors. Outdoor call quality decreases due to high traffic or background noise interruption.


  • Comfortable Fit
  • Transparency and active noise cancellation mode
  • Great Audio Quality
  • Android and Apple both are compatible
  • Good Battery Life
  • Sweat resistance and splash-proof


  • Active Noise cancellation needs improvement
  • Volume control only from mobile

Final Words!

The incredible offer of Beats Studio Buds on Black Friday is worth spending money on. With its great audio quality, cross devices compatibility, noise cancellation, and comfortable fit, you will get good value for the price and won’t regret your decision.

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